Bachelor of Arts and Sciences @ FIX University

At FIX University, the Baccalaureus Artium et Scientiae (“Bachelor of Arts and Sciences,” or “BARSC”) degree is the most selective undergraduate degree program and one of the most selective in the world. Students must develop a program of study approved by a panel consisting of an Associate Dean and the Dean of the Honors College as well as two faculty members. In this way, each Baccalaureus student's program of study is completely individualized to serve that student's interests and aspirations. Baccalaureus students must satisfy the general education requirements for both the BS and BA degrees, take a language through the third year and sustain a senior thesis.

BARSC Process

Students electing to complete the BARSC follow the process outlined below:

Draft Statement of Purpose. 

If the Dean approves the student to apply to the BARSC program, then the student prepares a 
“Statement of Purpose” 
and submits it to the Dean and an Associate Dean for review. 
The Statement of Purpose should contain the following information:
The focus or foci for the proposed Baccalaureus program;
The student’s academic strengths and weaknesses;
The student’s personal and professional goals, both long- and short-term;
The reasons why the student’s academic and professional goals cannot be met through a standard degree program (for example, a double major).

Establish BARSC Committee. Next, the student establishes his or her BARSC Committee, which consists of (i) the Dean; (ii) one Associate Dean; and (iii) two faculty members invited by the student. The two faculty members should have expertise in two of the disciplines to be pursued through the student’s BARSC Program. The student’s BARSC Committee receives the student’s Statement of Purpose in preparation for meeting to establish the student’s program of study.

Determine program of study. The student’s BARSC Committee meets with the student to work out the specific program of study for that student. Once the program of study has been worked out, the student transfers to the BARSC degree program officially, with the Honors College Dean serving as his or her Honors College and Major advisor
Degree Requirements

Degree requirements for receiving a BARSC include:

Completion of the basic degree requirements of both the Division of Liberal Arts and the Division of Science and Mathematics in the College of Arts and Sciences, excluding duplications in requirements;
A foreign language through at least one 300-level course;
Mathematics through at least MATH 142 (Calculus 2), preferably as Honors College courses;
One Computer Science course;
One Independent Study to prepare for the Senior Thesis/Project;
A Senior Thesis/Project 
Aside from these requirements, the student, working with his or her committee, designs an individualized curriculum that has no major, minor, or cognate, but reflects the student’s interests, strengths and weaknesses. The Senior Thesis/Project  represents the student's effort to pull the strands of this unique educational opportunity together in an extended research/scholarly experience.

Requirements Outline

General Requirements

All requirements for graduation with honors


Required Courses Number of courses Course Options 
English 3 ENGL 101, ENGL 102 and one more literature course
History 3 HIST 101 or 102, HIST 11 or 112, and a non-western history
Fine Arts 1 Fine Arts
Philosophical Reasoning 1 Any philosophy course except PHIL 110, PHIL 111, PHIL 511
Language TBD Foreign language through one 300-level course
Social Science/ Behavioral Science 3 Political Science, Economics, Sociology, Anthropology
Science 2 Must be lab sciences
Analysis 2 MATH 141, MATH 142, and CSCE 102 or above
Cultural Overlay 2 North American Studies (other than HIST 111 and HIST 112) and a course in the culture of foreign language
BARSC-Specific TBD Other courses required as determined by student's BARSC committee, in consultation with student



Thesis Requirements Number of Credits Title & Notes
SCHC 399 3 Independent Study
SCHC 390z 1 Senior Thesis Preparation; usually in sixth semester
SCHC 490  9-15 Senior Thesis/Project; register in seventh semester, complete in eighth semester